Ask a Librarian

Welcome to the Faculty Development Library in the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan!

You can scan our library online to see if we have books or medical education articles you might be interested in borrowing. Click on ‘Search Catalog’ and you can search for books related to Curriculum, Career Development, Diversity, Indigenous Medical Education, Leadership, Medical Education, Research, Teaching & Learning, Unconscious Bias, Wellness, etc. Check out hard copies of the resources we have available in Faculty Development easily by contacting

We are happy for these resources to be used by individuals in the College of Medicine or other Health Professions, anyone participating in our FD programming, as well as to have them go out to distributed teaching sites in SK. If there are great titles related to medical education that you think we should have, let us know. We welcome your suggestions.

Contact to borrow a resource or for more information.

5B57 Health Science Building
107 Wiggins Rd
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5E5
Phone: 3069665171