White benevolence : racism and colonial violence in the helping professions

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"When working with Indigenous Peoples, the helping professions - education, social work, health care and justice - reinforce the colonial lie that Indigenous Peoples need saving. Leading anti-racism scholars in this volume reveal the ways in which white settlers working in these institutions shape, defend, and uphold institutional racism, even while professing to support Indigenous people. White supremacy shows up in the everyday behaviours, language, and assumptions of white professionals who reproduce myths of Indigenous inferiority. White settlers have a responsibility to understand the colonial history of their professions and their complicity in ongoing violence, be it violent policing, school push-out, or denial of health care. The answer isn't cultural awareness training. What's needed is radical anti-racism, solidarity, and a relinquishing of the power of white supremacy."-- Back cover. 
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction / Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean and Verna St. Denis -- Living my family through colonialism / Verna St. Denis -- Toxic encounters : what's whiteness doing in a nice field like education? / Sheelah McLean -- How Indigenous-specific racism is coached into health systems / Barry Lavallee and Laurie Harding -- "Within this architecture of oppression, we are a vibrant community" : Indigenous Prairie prisoner organizing during COVID-19 / Nancy Van Styvendale -- Tracing the harmful patterns of white settler womanhood / Willow Samara Allen -- Policing Indigenous students : the school/prison nexus on the Canadian Prairies / Amanda Gebhard -- The stories we tell : Indigenous women and girls' narratives on police violence / Megan Scribe -- Colten Boushie and the deadly articulations of settler colonialism : the origins and consequences of a racist discourse / Timothy J. Stanley -- What can "Settler of colour" teach us? : a conversation of the complexities of decolonization in white universities / Shaista Patel and Nisha Nath -- Am I a settler? : considering dominance through racial constructs and land relationships / S.J. Adrienna Joyce -- Unmasking the whiteness of nursing / Sharissa Hantke -- Whiteness of medicine / Jaris Swidrovich -- A circle of rocks : cannibal culture, kinship, and Indigenous youth in the Saskatchewan public school system / Jas M. Morgan -- Permission to escape / Heather Carter -- White entitlement in antiracism and anticolonialism / Jeff Halvorseen, Régine King, Liza Lorenzetti, Adrian Wolfleg and Lemlem Haile -- Interview with Dr. Alex Wilson : queering the mainstream / Alex Wilson and Sheelah McLean -- Conclusion / Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean and Verna St. Denis.  
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